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Deaf Deaf World Workshop

Deaf Deaf World workshop is an interactive workshop providing people to experience in everyday life. There are two parts of the workshop – first part focusing on the daily experiences and challenges that a deaf person experiences in a hearing world. The second part allows the participants to discuss of the experiences and learn Auslan (Australian Sign Language) supported by an Auslan Interpreter.

All presenters holds Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and are actively involved in the Deaf Deaf World presentations. Come along and experience Deaf Deaf World through a deaf person’s eyes...

Key Areas
• Awareness of communication needs;
• Understanding of deaf culture;
• Access to information to services appropriate for deaf people.

The workshop runs for two hours and are provided by deaf people.


- “Activities highlighted issues in a fun way”
- “I realised the barriers with announcements”
- “It really gave men an insight into the deaf world and the frustrations experienced”
- “Made me realise how much deaf staff do miss out”
- “Whilst it was very challenging understanding Auslan, I loved it”




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